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Angelique St. Vincent
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Dangerous Deception

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Dangerous Deception

Angelique St. Vincent is a Dark Palimpsest.[1] After her infusion, she has the powers of a Cataclyst, too.[2]


Very little is known about Angelique's past, other than that she was one of the Casters taken by Silas and put into his 'Menagerie', rented out for her powers like the others. However, as a Palimpsest, she was rarely rented out due to no one having use of those powers.

Soon enough, though, she was chosen by Silas to be 'Patient 12' - his next attempt at infusing a Caster with another Caster's powers. The attempt was successful, and she was infused with Sarafine Duchannes's Cataclyst powers successfully. After this, she managed to escape her imprisonment, swearing revenge on Silas.



Angelique is known to be stubborn and controlling. She likes to get her way and will stop at nothing to get revenge on Silas Ravenwood. Angelique is quite rude and ill-mannered towards Link and his friends. At one point she says to them, "You're talking, but all I hear is blah, blah, blah."[citation needed]

Physical attributes

Angelique is described as having 'Red waves framing her toffee-colored skin, black leather pants tucked into knee-high lace-up boots, and having a tangle of necklaces hanging over her ripped t-shirt', and as having Caster Gold eyes (that were at one point described as yellow).[3]


As a Palimpsest, she is able to read time. She can see different points in the past and present all at once. After her infusion, she has the powers of a Cataclyst. After her infusion, she can control the elements, Kelt, possess people, and control the Dark Fire in Darkborns. As a Cataclyst, her "go-to" element is fire.


  • "I'm sensing you girls want proof. If you insist."
  • "Angelique St. Vincent. My friends call me Gigi. But you can call me Angelique."
  • "He kept me locked up in a cell with the rest of the women in his little Menagerie--that's what the sick bastard called us. He left us caged like dogs until a Dark Caster or Darkborn rented us out for the night to do their dirtier work. I got off easier than most of the girls. Not many people wanted to pay for the services of a palimpsest. My friend Lucia was an Empath. Silas' guys were always dragging her out in the middle of the night for jobs."
  • "Don't be silly. It's never too late for murder."[citation needed]
  • "Then that makes me the woman who is going to destroy Heaven. Burn it down, technically. Which is fine with me."[citation needed]
  • "Well, this certainly has been enlightening, but I've got places to go and people to kill."[citation needed]
  • "I'm not heartless. Just unstoppable."[citation needed]
  • "I don't need to add hero to my resume. Again, those are the shiny balls. Not my thing."[citation needed]


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