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Aunt Delilah
Biographical Info


Cause of death

Old age

Family Information and Members
Supernatural Info

Mortal- Seer



  • Precognition
  • Sensing
  • Communicate-dead
First seen

Beautiful Creatures (mentioned)

Last seen

Beautiful Redemption

Aunt Delilah is a Seer and one of the Greats.  She is first mentioned in Beautiful Creatures when Amma thanked her for stopping time.  In Beautiful Darkness, she is called upon along with the others to fight off the Vexes. 


In Beautiful Redemption, she is wearing a yellow shawl and round glasses. 

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Seer, she is able to see things back in the past and foresee events of the future through her tarot cards. She can also sense things and call upon dead spirits and deceased loved ones to her.

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