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Barclay Kent
Biographical Info


Family Information and Members
Love interest(s)

Delphine Duchannes (wife)

Supernatural Info

Caster- Shifter





First seen

Beautiful Creatures

Last seen

Beautiful Darkness

Barclay Kent is the husband of Delphine Duchannes and the father of Reece, Ridley, Larkin, and Ryan Duchannes and the uncle of Lena.  He is a Light Shifter. He can shift any object he wants, into whatever he wants and it will stay that way for however long he wants it to. Unlike his son, Larkin, his casting stays for however long he wants. He's not portrayed in the movies. He's seen in the Blood Circle helping against Sarafine.


As a Shifter, he is able to manipulate objects into whatever he wants them to look like temporarily or permanently.  He used this power to shift objects into weapons in Beautiful Creatures

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