Beautiful Creatures:
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Producer Thenewno2
Released on February 12, 2013 (USA)
Lenght -
Label WaterTower Music

The Beautiful Creatures: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, imagined and produced by the British band Thenewno2, is composed of twenty-nine tracks that will be played during the eponymous film adaptation of Beautiful Creatures. The album was physically and digitally available on February 12, 2013.


As described by LaGravenese himself and the band members, the score is divided into three parts : the love theme, the action/fear theme, and Ridley's theme.[1] The music is in all cases described as swamptronics, a mix of different genres which would fit the movie the best.

As well, some talented actors have been brought into the music part of the film, such as Alice Englert who will write a song for the score.

It is mainly Richard LaGravenese' desire to produce a soundtrack different from everything that could have been heard before which gave birth to the project. To compose the music which would correspond to the movie the best, he hired Thenewno2 to produce the soundtrack.

When the time to record arrived, the team - compposed of Dhani Harrison, Paul Hicks and Jonathan Sadoff - came together in the well-known Abbey Road studios to prepare the music. During the process, each of them took care of one and only part of the soundtrack : one produced the love theme, one the action/fear theme, and the last one produced Ridley's seduction theme.

The general atmosphere for the soundtrack has been described by Broderick Johnson and Richard LaGravenese as "swamptronics" ; something which has been reprised by two track titles of the album.


1. Interception
2. The Caster Theme
3. Breaking The Ice
4. Macon's Magic Wand
5. Dark Magic
6. Lena's Magic/The Love Theme
7. Swamptronica/Voudon
8. Make It Home (Ridley's Siren Remix)
9.Sarafine At Church
10. Holidays At Ravenwood
11. Family Dinner
12. Ridley's Claiming
13. The Spell That Left A Curse
14. Ridley Goes To The Pictures

15. Other Ways Someone Can Die To Us
16. Sarafine At The Door/Love Breaks The Spell
17. The Caster Library
18. Searching For The Curse
19. The Burning Sign
20. The Curse Reveals Itself (Tragic Love Theme)
21. Sacrifice
22. Ridley's Swamptronica
23. The Honey Hill Stomp
24. Lena Runs To Ethan
25. Lena's Love Rage/Macon's Addagio
26. Mother and Daughter
27. Run To Me
28. Never Too Late
29. Needle and Thread

Notes : "Make It Home (Ridley's Siren Remix)" is one of Thenewno2's previously released songs remixed for the movie. "Run to Me" and "Never Too Late" are two brand new songs from the group.

In the film

# Track Scene Lenght
1 "Interception" 1'43"
2 "The Caster Theme" 2'56"
3 "Breaking the Ice" 4'00"
4 "Macon's Magic Wand" 1'25"
5 "Dark Magic" 1'47"
6 "Lena's Magic/Love theme" 3'07"
7 "Swamptronica/Voudon" 2'02
8 "Make It Home (Ridley's Siren Remix)" 2'27"
9 "Sarafine At Church" 3'46"
10 "Holidays at Ravenwood" 1'11"
11 "Family Dinner" 2'39"
12 "Ridley's Claiming" 2'27"
13 "The Spell That Left A Curse" 2'58"
14 "Ridley Goes To The Pictures" 0'47"
15 "Other Ways Someone Can Die To Us" 0'56"
16 "Sarafine At The Door/Love Breaks The Spell" 2'41"
17 "The Caster Library" 2'50"
18 "Searching For The Curse" 1'02"
19 "The Burning Sign" 1'28"
20 "The Curse Reveals Itself (Tragic Love Theme)" 4'09"
21 "Sacrifice" 2'23"
22 "Ridley's Swamptronica" 0'51"
23 "The Honey Hill Stomp" 2'19"
24 "Lena Runs To Ethan" 1'36"
25 "Lena's Love Rage/Macon's Addagio" 2'46"
26 "Mother and Daughter" 3'15"
27 "Run To Me" 3'49"
28 "Never Too Late" 4'08"
29 "Needle and Thread" 3'08"

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