The Circle of Sight is a ritual performed by Amma, Arelia, and Twyla to summon the spirit of Ethan's late mother at Bonaventure Cemetery.  The ritual is used to summon the dead for help and guidance.  Arelia tossed moonstones, Amma tossed a sack of chicken bones, and Twyla was holding a tiny carving of a bird.  The air in the center began to swirl and churn, creating a thin white mist and their voices reached a crescendo.  The mist started to gain speed and density, swirling upward like a tornado.  Twyla inhaled the white mist and then exhaled it which took the form of Lila.  She told Ethan to bring Macon back and save Lena from making the wrong choice before its too late.  She also revealed that she sent the Shadowing Songs to him. 

Amma, Arelia, and Twyla chanted:

"One unto this world, one unto da next.

Open the door to da one who's annexed."

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