D.A.R a.k.a (Daughters of the American Revolution) is a small group of women in Gatlin. They're very prestigious and very judgmental.

In Order to be part of the D.A.R, your ancestors had to be part of the "Civil War," or as they called it "Succeeding from the Union."

The Daughters of the American Revolution, pretty much run Gatlin. They tell the Librarian what books can/can't be in there, they tell the Principal of the local school what rules need to be placed.

Mrs. Lincoln, The Principal, and a few other members of Gatlin were at Lena Duchannes disciplinary hearing. Mrs. Lincoln who was possessed by Sarafine Duchannes was the leader of the hearing. This shows her superiority over the town, itself.


There are many members, but only few are known.

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