Dangerous Dream
Author(s) Kami Garcia,
Margaret Stohl

Published: December 17, 2013

Preceded by
Beautiful Redemption
Followed by
Dangerous Creatures

Dangerous Dream is an e-novella, and the backstory to the spinoff series to the Dangerous Creatures series.


Catch up with Ethan, Lena, and Link as they finally graduate from high school and get ready to leave the small Southern town of Gatlin. But when Dark Caster Ridley makes an appearance, the sometime bad girl can't resist picking a fight with her sometime boyfriend, Link. Angry and rebellious as ever, Ridley ends up alone in New York City and becomes entangled in the dangerous underground Caster club scene, where the stakes are high and losers pay the ultimate price.


BEFORE: Ethan WateEdit

AFTER: Wesley LincolnEdit




  • Ridley now truly accepts she loves Link.

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