Ridley, a Dark Siren

Dark Caster is a term for Casters who turned Dark and use their powers for evil. Cataclysts, Sirens, and Evos are examples of Dark Casters. A Dark Caster can fight and resist the growing darkness as in the case of Sarafine and Ridley when they acted like their old selves and loved someone, John Eades and Link respectively. 


Sarafine Dark Caster eyes

Sarafine's Dark Caster eyes

Dark Casters have golden cat-like eyes that glow all the time, but in the movie they have a more fiery glow to them. In the film adaptation, the Dark Caster's eyes come and go at will. They also have a tattoo as seen with Ridley on her navel and John Breed on his arm. Their skin is ice cold to the touch.

During Claiming

During a Dark Caster's Claiming, they start to shake violently and a devastating cold tears through their veins. They also experience unbearable physical pain, as if their body is tearing itself from the inside out, and their vision is clouded by a golden haze. In the deleted scene of the film adaptation, Ridley describes a Dark Caster's Claiming as feeling hot inside, but doesn't burn them.

After Claiming

Casters Claimed for the Dark, as stated by Sarafine, feel cold and powerful. They will become sociopathic, no longer having empathy and remorse, and are incapable of love. They are taken over by negative emotions. Ridley says going Dark changes the way you feel about people. When a Dark Caster turns Dark, they sense the feelings they had, the things they loved, but those feelings are distant. They can fight the sociopathy, but can't successfully grow out of it.

Known Dark Casters



  • Dark Casters seen with the Duchannes family such as Sarafine and Ridley are disowned from their family right after they're claimed for the Dark as they can't enter Ravenwood Manor or any other Duchannes family property. Although Ridley ran away before her birthday as she knew she would been disowned on the spot.