Darkborns are a new species, born from the Dark Fire, that came to existence when Lena Duchannes broke the Order of Things by choosing being both Light and Dark. They draw their strength from the Dark Fire and are unpredictable.

Physical attributesEdit

Darkborns are shown to have steel grey eyes. They are abnormally tall, well over seven foot. They are the only supernatural beings that can make Incubuses look weak.


Darkborns are immune to all caster powers except the powers of Cataclysts.[citation needed] If a Siren used their power of Persuasion on a Darkborn, the Darkborn would hear the irresistible Siren call but would not respond to it. They are also faster and stronger than Incubuses.  They are also immune to Mortal fire and are able to control it.

Known Darkborns Edit

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