Divination is the power a Diviner has. It is the ability to see into the future with certain things, such as omens, or certain events that occur. Arelia Valentin and Katarina are the only Diviners in the series.

Known Types

  • Omens: Could be within strange births or strange events that are occurring throughout the present date or the past.
  • Sortilege: This consists of using sticks, bones, stones, beans, coins, or something like that. Modern day diviners have established cards, such as Tarot Cards and the Cards of Providence, to use this type of Divination.
  • Augury: This type is the preserved use of defining the shapes. Different shapes a Diviner sees, means something different could happen.
  • Visions: This type allows Diviners to see flashes of the present and the future.
  • Spontaneous: This means that any kind of divination could happen.

Known users