The following is a list of international editions of the Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.


Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Darkness Beautiful Chaos Beautiful Redemption


Beautiful Creatures Brazil Dezesseis Luas Beautiful Darkness Brazil Dezessete Luas Beautiful Chaos Brazil Dezoito Luas Beautiful Redemption Brazil Dezenove Luas


Beautiful Creatures Bulgaria Прелестни създания 2010 Beautiful Darkness Bulgaria Прелестен мрак
Beautiful Chaos Bulgaria Прелестен хаос
Beautiful Redemption Bulgaria Прелестно изкупление 2013


Beautiful Creatures Germany Sixteen Moons
Eine unsterbliche Liebe
Beautiful Darkness Germany Seventeen Moons
Eine unheilvolle Liebe
Beautiful Chaos Germany Eighteen Moons
Eine grenzenlose Liebe
Beautiful Redemption Germany Nineteen Moons
Eine ewige Liebe


Beautiful Creatures Netherlands Betoverd Beautiful Darkness Netherlands Vervloekt Beautiful Chaos Netherlands Chaos Beautiful Redemption Netherlands De aflossing

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