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 Eighteen Moons is the Shadowing song that Lila Evers from the Otherworld sent to Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate, her son, in order to warn them about finding the path to repairing the broken Order.


Eighteen moons, eighteen spheres, from the world beyond the years, one unchosen, death or birth, a broken day awaits the Earth...

Eighteen moons, eighteen Sheer, feeding off your deepest fears, vexed to find as darkness nears, secret eyes and hidden ears...

Eighteen moons, eighteen fears, the cries of mortals fade, appear, those unknown and those unseen, crushed in the hands of the Demon Queen...

Eighteen moons, eighteen nears, the Wheel of Fate herself appears, then the One Who is Two, will bring the order back anew...

Eighteen moons, eighteen dead, eighteen turned upon their head, the Earth above, the sky below, the End of Days, the Reaper's Row...

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