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Elemental Manipulation is the power of a Natural and a Cataclyst. Some casters, are able to do it at ease such as Lena and Sarafine Duchannes.

When manipulating the elements, things could happen such as torrential downpour, or even a tornado. The elements seen in the series manipulated by Lena and Sarafine include water, earth, wind, fire, and the weather.


Lena Duchannes creating a tornado

Naturals and Catalysts both have go-to elements. Their "go-to" elements usually depend on whether they are light or dark, but sometimes it just depends on the Caster.

Like most Cataclysts, Sarafine is able to control fire, because she's a Cataclyst and fire is the "go-to" element for Cataclysts. When a Cataclyst starts setting fires by accident it is called the "Wake of Fire."  However, Lena does not especially have a go-to element like her mother, although she does seem to focus on controlling the weather especially. But, because Lena is both a Light and Dark Caster, her affiliation to her side would not determine her "go-to" element, but rather herself and personality.

Empaths, like Emmaline, can control the elements and the weather if they duplicated the powers of someone with this power like a Natural or Cataclyst. John Breed possessed this ability when he absorbed Lena's powers

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