Lena Duchannes creating a tornado

Elemental Manipulation is the power of a Natural and a Cataclyst. Some Naturals and Cataclysts, are able to do it at ease such as Lena and Sarafine Duchannes.

When manipulating the elements, things could happen such as torrential downpour, or even a tornado. The elements seen in the series manipulated by Lena and Sarafine include water, earth, wind, fire, and the weather.

Naturals and Cataclysts both have "go-to" elements. Their "go-to" elements usually depend on whether they are light or dark, but sometimes it just depends on the Caster. Like most Cataclysts, Sarafine is able to control fire, because she's a Cataclyst and fire is the "go-to" element for Cataclysts. When a Cataclyst starts setting fires by accident it is called the "Wake of Fire."  However, Lena does not especially have a go-to element like her mother, although she does seem to focus on controlling the weather especially. But, because Lena is both a Light and Dark Caster, her affiliation to her side would not determine her "go-to" element, but rather herself and personality.

Empaths, like Emmaline, and Evos, like Althea, can control the elements and the weather if they duplicated and borrowed, respectively, the powers of someone with this power like a Natural or Cataclyst. John Breed possessed this ability when he absorbed Lena's powers.

Known Users