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Emma Thompson
Biographical informations
Birth name

Emma Thompson

Birth date

April 15, 1959

Birth place

Paddington, London, England, United Kingdom

Professional informations
  • Actress
  • Comedian
  • Screen writer
Years active


Other work

Men in Black 3, Love Actually, Sense and Sensibility, Howards End


Sarafine Duchannes/Mrs. Lincoln

First seen

Beautiful Creatures


Emma Thompson (born April 15, 1959) is a British actress and comedian who played both Mrs. Lincoln, a character revealed to be possessed by Sarafine Duchannes, and the latter character herself, in the film adaptation of Beautiful Creatures.

Selective filmographyEdit

On a mainstream scale Thompson is best known for playing:

  • Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility (Thompson also wrote the screenplay for the film)
  • Sybil Trelawney, the crazed Hogwarts teacher in the Harry Potter series.
  • Karen, a middle-aged mom, from Love Actually.
  • O, present-day Agent, from Men In Black 3 film.
  • In addition, Thompson provided the voice for Queen Elinor in Brave.


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