Emmy Rossum
Biographical informations
Birth name

Emmanuelle Grey Rossum

Birth date

September 12, 1986

Birth place

New York City, New York, USA

Professional informations
  • Actress
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
Years active

1996–present (actress)

Other work

The Phantom of the Opera, Shameless


Ridley Duchannes

First seen

Beautiful Creatures

Emmy Rossum is an American actress, singer and songwriter who played the role of Ridley Duchannes in the film adaptation of Beautiful Creatures.

Basic informationEdit

Rossum also currently stars in the Showtime program, Shameless, as the main protagonist, Fiona.

Rossum is probably best-known for her work in the film Phantom of the Opera, as well as her roles in Mystic River and The Day After Tomorrow.



NYCC Beautiful Creatures - Emmy Rossum03:35

NYCC Beautiful Creatures - Emmy Rossum

Interview about Beautiful Creatures pt 1
Interview about Beautiful Creatures pt 2

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