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Evo is a term for a Caster that can control someone and influence them to do whatever they want, like a Siren, and shift into whoever they want.  Evos are "Evolvers", who are extremely powerful Casters. They can also borrow the powers of any Caster they touch.


Althea Duchannes was an Evo. When she turned sixteen and was Claimed by the Dark, her mother couldn't stand to send her away, and tried to keep her daughter with her, but eventually she was forced to after a boy disappeared and it became obvious that there was no turning back.[citation needed]

John Breed is able to walk into sunlight and retain his strength without feeding due to his mother being an Evo.  She took on human form long enough to conceive a child with all the DNA of a Mortals and a Caster on one side and an Incubus on the other which is why he can do things full-blooded Incubi can't.


  • Morphing: Evos are able to morph and sound like anyone they want. They can't impersonate another's voice unless they actually heard it before.
  • Mind Control: Much like a Siren, they are able to control the minds of whoever they want.
  • Kelting: Evos, being incredibly powerful Casters, have the ability to speak non verbally to other Casters who have the gift.
  • Power Borrowing: Evos are able to borrow the powers of any Caster they touch. Borrowed powers are unstable by nature and the more powerful the Caster they belong to was, the longer they lasted.

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