Gatlin County is a town located in South Carolina‏‎, United States of America. It is the small Southern town where Ethan Wate and his family and friends reside in, and a place where everyone knows everyone and is seemingly titled a place that "nothing happens" due to its quiet and often peaceful nature. It is known as the place where it "gets movie titles wrong," and "doesn't have a Starbucks". Basically, being totally insignificant.


Upon the arrival of Lena Duchannes, the niece of the "boogeyman" of Gatlin, Macon Ravenwood, it was revealed that Gatlin has been hoarding many secrets for many, many years. It has a strong connection with the Caster world - a place where many mythical creatures and beings are from and possess powerful abilities - and has many unheard stories related to so.[citation needed]


Beneath its regular Library, is the Caster Library which has many books - such as The Book of Moons and The Caster Chronicles which lists all powerful known Casters - about the Caster World. This is where Ethan and Lena often go to look for information and where Olivia Durand was going to take charge of when she was to become an official Keeper of the library.





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