Who else would you expect me to take up with? A pack of Light Casters, like you did? It's ridiculous. The idea that you can just walk away from what you are. From our family legacy
— Hunting telling Macon that he was foolish for turning Light

Hunting Ravenwood
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Macon Ravenwood

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  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced senses
  • Traveling
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Beautiful Creatures

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The Mortal Heart

Hunting Phinehas Ravenwood was Silas Ravenwood and Arelia Valentin's son and Macon and Leah's brother. He was also Sarafine and Delphine's half-brother, making him Lena and Ridley's uncle. Hunting was a Blood Incubus and chooses to feed on the blood of humans to sustain his life unlike Macon, who instead chose to feed off of the dreams and memories of mortals to avoid killing. He had been very cruel and had a tense relationship with Macon due to their different nature and personalities. He was a helper for Abraham Ravenwood, and was usually accompanied by his Blood Pack.


Physical attributes

Hunting was said to look very Hollywood. He had dark black hair, that was slicked back. He wore nice clothes, and dressed the part that defined "Lilum."


As an Incubus, he has a strong amount of physical strength that is compared to a 2x4 impact and high speed.  He can "Rip" or "Travel" (teleport) to other places and also hear, smell, and see things that no mortals can.  As a Blood Incubus, he feeds on human blood instead of the dreams and memories of mortals.


  • "Brother. It's been a long time."
  • "Killed you once, I'll kill you twice."
  • "Be careful who you speak to that way."
  • "A choice? More like a fantasy."
  • "You don't get to choose what you are, brother. You're an Incubus. And whether you choose to feed on blood or not, you are still a Dark creature."