Larkin illusion

Larkin's illusion in the film adaptation

Illusion Casting, also known as Spellcast, is a power that an Illusionist has. It is the power to manipulate the appearance of an object, but not the actual object itself. Illusionists are often thought to be less strong or not as good as Shifters, but this may not always be the case. For instance, if a Shifter wanted to look dead, they would, if accidentally, commit suicide. But an Illusionist would be able to appear dead, thus tricking the minds of the other party. There is also a theory in which an Illusionist can fool with the mind's memories and create illusions in a person's mind.


Larkin once cast an illusion to make his eyes look like the green eyes of a Light Caster but they were really the eyes of a Dark Caster. He also cast an illusion to make his arms into snakes and make his eyes look like snake eyes. Larkin casts an illusion on the Lunae Libri so it doesn't get robbed.

In Dangerous Dream, the doorman at Suffer casts an illusion to make a brick wall appear in front of Ridley when she got into Suffer and Floyd mentioned that she wouldn't be turned into Roger Waters and cast an illusion so that people think she was the lead singer of Pink Floyd. In Dangerous Creatures, Floyd made the apartment look like the ocean.

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