You're not the only one on this channel!
— Sarafine to Ethan through Kelting, Beautiful Creatures

Kelting is an ability a Caster, Wayward, Sheer and an Incubus/Succubus has. Kelting is the ability when two (or more) people are able to communicate via Telepathy. Kelting is extremely rare, only very powerful casters are able to Kelt like Naturals, Cataclysts, Evos, and Sirens. It's almost impossible to find a Caster or a Mortal who is able to kelt. It's unknown if one can communicate with two or more people, the only reason is because Sarafine was able to interrupt the single mental conversation between Lena and Ethan for a short moment.

There are four types of Kelting:

  • Caster Kelting: When Casters are able to communicate with another caster, a mortal, incubus, or sheer
  • Mortal Kelting: When a Mortal and a Mortal, caster, incubus, or sheer are able to communicate
  • Sheer Kelting: When a Sheer kelts with a Mortal, Caster, or incubus, alive or deceased.
  • Incubus Kelting: When an Incubus kelts with a Mortal, caster, sheer, or another incubus

Known usersEdit

  • Ridley Duchannes: When Ridley and Lena were younger, they were able to talk to each other. This was ongoing up until Ridley turned dark and at the winter formal in Beautiful Creatures.
  • Lena Duchannes: Lena and Ridley were able to Kelt as children. Lena was also able to Kelt with a mortal, which is extremely rare.
  • Sarafine Duchannes: Sarafine was able to "tap" into Lena and Ethan's kelting for a short and brief moment. 
  • Ethan Wate: Ethan is able to Kelt with Lena, which is stated to be shocking since Mortals are incapable of doing such a thing. It is left as a possibility that he is able to Kelt due to being a Wayward, who are extremely rare as they're not seen much, if ever, in the Caster/Mortal world. He can also Kelt with Lila, his mother.
  • Macon Ravenwood: After dying and reviving, Macon Ravenwood discovered he could Kelt with Lena. This ability is shown by surprise to both, in addition, Macon also suggests that he also acquired the ability to read minds.
  • Genevieve Duchannes: Genevieve was able to Kelt with Lena in Beautiful Redemption
  • Lila Evers: Lila kelted in Latin for return to the mortal world to Ethan.
  • Wesley Lincoln: Link is able to Kelt with Ethan and Lena like during graduation in Dangerous Dream.
  • Althea Duchannes: As an Evo, Althea is presumed to be able to Kelt.
  • Lennox Gates: As a Siren-Born, he is presumed to be able to Kelt.


  • Casters used Kelting to get messages to each other during the Trials and in the United States, they used to call it "The Whispering."

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