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Lena's necklace including the locket from book one, Beautiful Creatures.

Lena's Necklace is sort of lucky-charm made and worn by Lena Duchannes. It is basically a chain on which she places all sorts of objects that have special meaning to her, such as a piece of a soda can, a button, her favorite pen to write poetry, etc. Each item on the necklace holds a special memory or meaning. Lena does not like to take off the necklace as it feels like a reminder of the extra special people and memories in her life.

Things on her necklace:

  • Soda Can Opener
  • Silver Button
  • Raven
  • Plastic Ring
  • Flat Penny
  • Red Piece of Yarn
  • Sharpie
  • Paper Clip Star
  • Safety Pin

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