Lennox and Ridley are characters in the Dangerous Creatures series. They first met at a beach in Barbados, though they were later properly introduced in a game of Liar's Trade at a club that Nox owned called Suffer. In that game, Nox won two markers from Ridley: one for a drummer for Sirensong, and one for anything he wanted, of which he could choose what he wanted to do with it at any time. This initially put a strain on their relationship, but they got through it, eventually becoming a real couple.

Meeting Edit

When they first met in a beach in Barbados, they were both extremely skeptical of each other. Nox tried to use his power of persuasion to make Ridley kiss him, but as soon as she figured out what he was doing, she turned it around and made him want to kiss her, and right when he was about to lean in and do it, she slapped him, letting him out of her spell. She ran off immediately after that, leaving Nox to go back to his own business.

Liar's Trade Edit

Nox and Ridley, quite a few years later, met again, in a game of Liar's Trade at a club called Suffer. In this game, Ridley managed to do several things: win a game against Ace for his skill in drumming, lose a game against Nox for a drummer for Devil's Hangmen and a miscellaneous marker, and meet the many of the people who later become good friends and main characters of Dangerous Creatures.

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