Light Caster is a term for Casters who are claimed for the Light and use their power for good. Their eyes are fluorescent, glowing green eyes especially when they are using their powers. Thaumaturges and Sybils are examples of Light Casters. 

After ClaimingEdit

As stated in Beautiful Creatures by Reece, Light Casters, after their Claiming, feel warm and positive like the sun itself was taking over them entirely, then to state the Claiming they get flourescent, glowing green eyes that change shade with the Caster's mood.

Known Light CastersEdit


  • According to Marian Ashcroft, Light Casters have always hoped for a way Casters and Mortals could be together.
  • According to Abraham Ravenwood, Light Casters want to dilute the bloodlines by having children with Mortals.
  • According to Abraham Ravenwood, Light Casters reject The Dark Fire.
  • In the film, Light Casters do not have glowing green eyes.

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