Besides choosing between being "Light" and "Dark," a Caster has the basic ability to cast and to perform rituals and move objects with their mind; every Caster can develop a specific kind or form of ability, which consequently has specific titles for Casters of specific capabilities.

  • Cataclyst: Casters who are able to influence the elements and weather easily. The equivalent of a Natural who turned Dark. It is unknown if they have the exact same potential and powers as that of a Natural. During their first few months as a Dark Caster, they will experience the "Wake of Fire", accidentally setting fires, and the draw to fire that is uncontrollable.
  • Cypher: Casters who are able to translate any language they come into contact with, see invisible force-fields and detect a Caster SOS.
  • Diviner: Casters who are able to see into the future and are the Caster equivalent of Seers.
  • Empath: Casters who are able to duplicate the powers of other Casters for a certain period of time.
  • Evanescent: Casters who are able to make objects disappear out of any location and make them reappear in their possession. The Caster equivalent of magicians and thieves. 
  • Evo: Casters who are able to influence people, like Sirens, but they can also Evolve, morph into anyone they want and borrow the powers of any Caster they touch. They are incredibly powerful Casters.
  • Illusionist: Casters who are able to create illusions and glamours, making things look like others, without it being real.
  • Mindhunting: Casters who are able to roam through one's mind and sense disturbances and anomalies, they are not mind readers and the exact abilities aren't specified. 
  • Natural: Casters who are able to influence the elements and the weather easily. They are known as the most powerful Casters in the Caster world, they have plenty of different powers that they can awaken at any time. Lena has also been able to stop time on some occasions. 
  • Necromancer: Casters who are able to communicate with spirits and Sheers and bring them back to the world of the living. They are able to communicate with spirits and Sheers far better than a Seer could.
  • Palimpsest: Casters that are able to see the past and present at the same time, these Casters can sometimes mix up what happened and what is happening, often being confused to others.
  • Shifter: Casters who are able to shift objects into others, temporarily or permanently.
  • Siren: Female Casters who are able to bend the will of mortals through seduction and make them do or say anything they want. They are typically seductresses who utilize feminine charm and sexual allure to control men. Male Sirens are known as "Siren-borns" and their form of persuasion is more subtle than a female Siren's.
  • Sybil: Casters who are able to discover the truth behind the lies, seeing what they have done, who they have seen, where they have been, secrets, things they are planning to do, their past, present and bits and pieces of their future and much more just by looking at a person's face.
  • Telepath: Casters who are able to read the minds of others and communicate with others by means of thinking.
  • Thaumaturge: Casters who are able to heal injuries and wounds.

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