The following is a list of characters in The Caster Chroniclesseries, including characters from the spin-off and novellas.

Primary charactersEdit


  • Ethan Wate: The main character of the series and whose perspective the series is ultimately told from. He meets Lena Duchannes, the new girl in Gatlin, who appears to be the same girl whom he had been having dreams about. He eventually discovers she is a Caster (in other terms known as a witch) and is soon introduced to the Caster world he never knew existed. He soon leads to make other discovers that his family, including himself, are more involved in the Caster world beyond he could ever imagine. He falls in love with Lena and finds himself fighting beyond all odds in order to be with her due to how their species can never be together (physically since it would mean death for the mortal). He soon also discovers he is a Wayward, the "bridge" between the Caster and Mortal worlds and a "human compass" in the Caster world. He finds out he is the One Who Is Two, the needed-to-be sacrifice in the third novel, and is forced to kill himself in order to save the worlds from destruction; devastating his friends and loved ones.
  • Lena Duchannes: The secondary proganist of the novel series. She is a Caster and the new girl in Gatlin in the beginning of the series. She is bullied due to her family and relatives repuation to be "freaks" and ultimately becomes an outcast in town. Lena meets Gatlin teenage resident Ethan Wate, with whom she falls passionately in love with. She struggles to control her dark and powerful abilities often finding herself at a loss of control with them. Her ultimate fear is becoming Dark, as her mother did, and becoming a cruel and heartless person.
  • Wesley "Link" Lincoln: Ethan's best friend since childhood, son of Mrs. Lincoln and the on/off boyfriend of Ridley Duchannes. He is shown to be goofy and joking, but expresses a serious side when it comes to Ridley; with whom he falls in love with. He discovers the existence of the Caster world and discovers Ridley is a Dark Siren, but loves her anyway despite how she constantly messes with his head and emotions. In the second novel of the series, he gets bitten by John Breed and turns into an Incubus. As a result of this, many girls develop an infatuation with him, flirting him; inciting vicious jealousy in Ridley though she further denies any feelings towards him.
  • Ridley Duchannes: Lena's Siren cousin and ex-childhood best friend and the on/off girlfriend of Link. She turned Dark on her 16th Moon and left Lena to avoid harming anyone she loved. She makes a re-apperance in a year in Beautiful Creatures with a new cocky and rebellious personality. She falls in love with Ethan's childhood best friend, Link. However, her outright refusal to admit she loves him causes heavy complications in their on/off relationship.
  • Macon Ravenwood: Lena's uncle who is a fatherly figure for her. He is an Incubus, but chooses to feed on dreams of humans other than blood of humans; being a kind hearted man.
  • Amarie "Amma" Treadeau: Ethan's nanny and a Seer. She is a somewhat motherly/aunt figure towards Ethan, having raised him when his mother died and being a second mother for him when she was. She cares for Ethan in that of a motherly fashion, often referring to him as "her boy".
  • Olivia "Liv" Durand: A Keeper in-training.
  • John Breed: A Incubus/Caster hybrid.


  • Sarafine Duchannes: Lena's mother and the wife of the late John Eades. A Cataclyst, a Natural that turned dark. She is considered the darkest among all casters living. She used to be a loving and kind person, but after going Dark loses that personality and transforms into a cruel and cold Caster out for herself; even murdering her husband when he planned to take a then-baby Lena away from her for her safety, nearly killing Lena as well in the process. Her powers turned on her when the Order was broken and couldn't control the flames before it killed her in the third novel.
  • Abraham Ravenwood: A Blood Incubus, the one believed to "start" it all, meaning the "darkness". He is Macon's Grandfather and was believed to be dead but is discovered to actually be alive. It's revealed in the third novel, he raised John Breed as a child and often used him as a puppet to get him to do his deeds and dirty work; causing John to black out when such an action was taking place and held no memory of whatever it was that he was doing. Despite these actions, it was shortly suspected that Abraham might have, in fact, genuinely cared for John like a father did to a son.
  • Silas Ravenwood: A Blood Incubus, and Abraham's great-great Grandson. He becomes a main antagonist in the Dangerous Creatures series
  • Hunting Ravenwood: Macon's brother. He is a blood Incubus.
  • Larkin Kent: Lena's cousin and son of Delphine Duchannes and Barclay Kent. Larkin is an Illusionist. He can spell/cast and make anything look like something it isn't. Larkin was known as a Light Caster, but later reveals himself actually as a Dark Caster.
  • Angelus: He is a Mortal who is a Keeper before he performed blood transfusions and experiments on Casters to give him powers and make him powerful because he wanted to shape his own destiny not just write about it.  He stole the blood of a powerful Light Telepath which gave him the power to read mortals' minds. John Breed absorbed his powers and a flash of lightning appeared when he attacked Angelus.  He wanted to destroy the entire human population believing they don't deserve to live and was so close to ending the human race, but Ethan Wate sacrificed himself and the Order was restored. Angelus was killed by Ethan in Beautiful Redemption.

Supporting charactersEdit

Wate familyEdit

Duchannes familyEdit

  • Genevieve Duchannes: Lena's Ancestor. She was a Dark Caster. She'll be portrayed by Rachel Brosnahan.
  • Emmaline Duchannes:
  • Delphine "Del" Duchannes: Lena's aunt, Barclay's wife and mother of Ridley, Reece, Ryan and Larkin. She is a Palimpsest and can read time. Delphine is a Light Caster.
  • Barclay Kent: Lena's Uncle, Delphine's husband and father of Ridley, Reece, Larkin and Ryan. He is a Shifter and can morph things into other things for as longs as he likes. Barclay is a Light Caster.
  • Reece Duchannes: Lena's oldest cousin, Barclay and Delphine's oldest daughter and sister of Larkin, Ridley and Ryan. She's a Sybil, meaning she can read faces, see the truth hidden inside people. She is a Light Caster.
  • Ryan Duchannes: Lena's youngest cousin and daughter of Delphine Duchannes and Barclay Kent. Ryan is discovered to be a Thaumaturge, considerably known as a healer or a performer of miracles who are usually known to go Light.

Valentin familyEdit

  • Twyla Valentin: Sister of Arelia and Macon, Hunting and Leah Ann's aunt. Twyla is a powerful Necromancer, meaning she can communicate with and summon spirits.
  • Arelia Valentin: Macon, Hunting and Leah Ann's mother and sister of Twyla. Arelia is a powerful Diviner, meaning she can see into the future.
  • Leah Ann Ravenwood:


  • Boo Radley:
  • Lucille Ball:
  • Harlon James: Aunt Prudence's Yorkshire terrier, he was named after her late husband.
  • Bade: Leah Ann's supernatural pet, he was named after the Voodoo god.

Other charactersEdit

  • Mrs. Lincoln: Link's mother and head of the DAR. She tries to get Lena expelled from school throughout Beautiful Creatures but turns out she was secretly Sarafine the whole time who was possessing Mrs. Lincoln's body like that of a puppet or costume to disguise herself. She is shown to be very religious and strict as seen by Link's intimidation by her to obey all of her rules.
  • Mrs. Snow: Savannah's mother and member of the DAR.
  • Emily Asher: One of the girls at Jackson High who Ethan went on a date with once. She is the daughter of Mrs. Asher. She is best friends with Savannah Snow and they torment Lena upon her arrival due to her family relatives and mock and bully her relentlessly. They go so far as to attempt to get her kicked out of school, but fail when Macon intervenes. She will be portrayed by Zoey Deutch.
  • Savannah Snow: Emily's best friend. She makes life in Gatlin horrible for Lena upon her arrival, always making fun of her and tormenting her. She and Emily attempt to get her kicked out of school - but fail - and ruin her first dance with Ethan. She is considered one of the most popular girls, along with Emily, and the captain of Stonewall Jackson High's cheerleading squad.
  • Mrs. Asher:
  • Mr. Lee:
  • Mrs. English:

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