Mind Control is the ability that a Siren and an Evo has. It is the ability to influence a Mortal or another Caster, if more powerful than their victim, influencing their personality, thoughts, emotions and making them do or say whatever they want. This can be done by speaking openly the orders or acting directly on a subconscious level, with the target acting in a puppet-like way or into a more spontaneous and natural one.

To control someone's mind is to take away their free-will, so generally Dark Casters are the only ones with this power, but in some cases it can be used by Light Casters as well.

Evos and Sirens are the two types of casters that can use this ability as their main power, Sarafine and Abraham used a sort of puppetry-like control on Ridley and Ethan, so the use of telekinesis, the ability to move object in the space, can be used to do something similar. Empaths, like Emmaline, can also use this power if they duplicated the powers of someone with this ability. John Breed gained this power after he absorbed Ridley's power.

Some users have "triggers" to start and direct their influence, such as Ridley with her mouth, eating lollipops and other sweets to direct her victims attention on her lips or using her words for the less binding commands. Powerful Casters can control multiple people at once, manipulate their bodies and movements without influencing their minds or producing states of drowsiness in their victims.

Persuasion is the name of this power when possessed by a Siren, who's control passes through their ability of Seduction. Generally this makes it more effective on men and results more tempting requests and proposals than actual orders, when vocally expressed.

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