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Mrs. Lincoln
Biographical Info

Head of the DAR



Family Information and Members
  • Mr. Lincoln (husband)
  • Link
Love interest(s)

Mr. Lincoln

Supernatural Info


First seen

Beautiful Creatures

Last seen

Dangerous Dream

I'm not afraid of you or your evil kind!
— Mrs. Lincoln telling off the Duchannes family, Beautiful Creatures


Mrs. Lincoln is Link's overbearing mother who has a very tight leash on him. She makes many attempts to get Lena expelled from school during the course of Beautiful Creatures for just about any reason, but it soon turns out she was actually possessed by Sarafine; who had been using her body as a disguise. She is head of the DAR and often supported Emily and Savannah's "help" groups to "help" the school, when really they were out to mock and bully Lena.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Mrs. Lincoln is shown, while not under possession, to be a very strict and religious woman. She often has Link on a tight and very short leash as shown his anxiety when it comes to his house rules. However, she is shown to love Link very much often encouraging him despite her strictness when it comes to the outside world. She also is known to work to have "books banned off of shelves" or attempting to do whatever she feels needs to be done to her liking.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Since she was possessed by Sarafine, she had all of her powers.  She could control the elements and warp reality in the movie.

Film portrayalEdit

In the upcoming film adaptation of the Caster Chronicles series, the role of Mrs. Lincoln will be played by Emma Thompson, as announced on February 10, 2012.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Emma Thompson will in fact play two roles: the one of Mrs. Lincoln, and the one of Sarafine. It is unknown if this means that the actress will be Sarafine's true appearance or only the possessed Mrs. Lincoln.

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