Lena Duchannes, a Natural

Natural is a term for a Caster who has magnified or superior powers compared to regular Casters. They are able to do many things, but in the grand scheme of it all no one knows exactly what their powers fully are nor the extent of them. A Natural can control the elements and the weather, but Lena Duchannes also displayed the ability to manipulate time on some occasion, and even made the moon disappear. The opposite of a Natural is a Cataclyst. Not much is said as to which of the two is stronger, but in the Caster world, a Natural is considered the strongest of all of the Casters; virtually omnipotent.

Known NaturalsEdit


  • Elemental Manipulation: Naturals are easily able to control the elements and the weather without hesitation.
  • Time Control: They are able to control and freeze time, but it's very rare if they can.
  • Reality Warping: They are able to manipulate a reality at ease. So easy, even Sarafine was able to warp reality with Macon Ravenwood.
  • Kelting: Kelting is extremely rare. Most Casters aren't seen to do it, only very powerful casters.

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