Palimpsest is a term for a Caster that can read time. They can see the past and the present at the same time. They see different points in the past and present all at once in any given place. It is hard for them to decipher which is which, and it is known that a Sybil can't even read them because there is so much going on in there. They are known to seem very often confused because of the fact that they are able to see so many different time periods at once. They can also let other people see the past and present simply by holding their hands.


Aunt Del was able to find the Book of Moons because of her gift. When Del, Ethan Wate, Lena Duchannes, and Reece Duchannes were at Genevieve's tomb, where the book was supposedly hidden, Lena, Del, and Ethan could see the apparition of Genevieve Duchannes but Reece could not. They then found the book, helping Lena solve her curse.  Aunt Del helped Ethan, Wesley Lincoln, and Olivia Durand find the cast to release an Incubus in the Arclight in to free Macon Ravenwood and save Lena with her powers.[1]


  • Chrono Vision: They are able to read time and see the past and present all at once.

Known Palimpsests


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