Reality Warping is the ability that a Caster has. It is the power to change the world around you through mere focus or simple willpower. Most casters don't really have it unless they are a Natural or Cataclyst, needing Casts or having a limited version of this ability. One moment, you could be walking down the street, and the next you could be in the ocean. They're able to alter the very essence of physics to their will.

Lena turned the makeup of the cheerleaders into black marker. Lena is also seen levitating and shaping the mental reality of Del and Reece to make them forget about the Book of Moons. Such case is when, in the movie, Sarafine Duchannes started messing with Macon Ravenwood at Lena's hearing, when she possessed Mrs. Lincoln and then made the entire room disappear to where it was then only her and Macon.

Known users