Seventeen Moons is the Shadowing song that Lila Evers from the Otherworld sent to Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate, her son, in order for them to find the path to Lena's Claiming and for them to be together. 


Seventeen moons, Seventeen years,

Eyes where Dark or Light appears,

Gold for yes and green for no,

Seventeen the last to know…

Seventeen moons, Seventeen turns,

Eyes so dark and bright it burns,

Time is high but one is higher,

Draws the moon into the fire...

Seventeen moons, Seventeen fears,

Pain of death and shame of tears,

Find the marker, walk the mile,

Seventeen knows just exile…

Seventeen moons, Seventeen spheres,

The moon before her time appears,

Hearts will go and stars will follow,

One is broken , one is hollow…

Seventeen moons, Seventeen years,

Know the loss, stay the fears,

Wait for him and he appears,

Seventeen moons, seventeen tears...

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