Shape Shifting is the ability that a Caster has. It is the ability to take the form of any tangible object. Not all casters are able to use this, because it's only seen with a minuscule amount of Casters. Barclay Kent and Althea Duchannes was able to Shape Shift.

Evos and Shifters are the only Casters that can genuinely shape shift. Evos are able to morph into anyone they want and influence mortals' minds, but not shape shift into an object. A Shifter can shift objects and change their appearance but it's not clear if than can actually change into the intended person. An Illusionist can only change the appearance of something, someone, or themselves, but not the actual object/person itself. Sirens can change their appearance, but not themselves, someone else's appearance, or into an object. When Shifters shift objects, the air shifts like heat waves rising from hot asphalt and the objects blur, transforming them into other objects.

Morphing is the name of this power when possessed by an Evo. They are able to Evolve, look and sound like anyone they want. They can't impersonate another's voice unless they actually heard it before. They are able to mirror human form and become Mortals for short periods of time. When they morph, it starts off as a tingle that starts in their toes that travels up their legs and torso until it feels more like a sting, one that radiates across their entire body. When an Evo morphs into another person, they are able to copy clothing.

Known usersEdit

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