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If she told you to jump off a cliff, you would
— Lena Duchannes explaining to Ethan Wate the powers of a Siren, Beautiful Creatures


Ridley, a Dark Siren

A Siren is a term for a Caster that can make mortals and casters do, feel or say anything they want. Because they are female and seductresses, their ability of persuasion work better on men, although women can be controlled with just a little more effort.  They are a type of Dark Caster and have the power of persuasion as well as seduction. Although they aren't as strong as a Cataclyst, they shouldn't be messed with and their powers are extremely strong and powerful on mortals, and casters with less power. Some can control multiple people at the same time and they can also act on the emotions of people, more easily on mortals.  Depending on the Siren, they may have a "trigger" for all their powers, an object that is the starter of their magic and that makes people around them obey their commands for instance. Ridley Duchannes' trigger is a red lollipop and whenever she whants to use her gifts she materialize one and starts sucking on it. Once under their spell, mortals, males in particular, and weaker casters are at their command and willing to do whatever it is that they want, even if it means killing themselves. Ridley, when developing her Siren powers as a young teenager, was causing boys to do whatever she wanted and become obsessed with her even as a young child. A Darkborn is immune to a Siren's persuasion.

Beautiful Creatures 2013 Movie Review

Ridley's Claiming

When Lena and Ethan were pursuing their romantic connection, Ridley had used her powers on Ethan to get him to confess secrets to Ridley that Lena had told him among other things for the sake of getting to Lena.[1] Ethan became confused as to why he had so feasibly confided in Ridley after he had done so and was barely able to withhold a piece of information from her about finding Genevieve's locket, even stating at one point how it took all of his strength not to reveal that specific detail to her.

Male SirensEdit

There is an outcome being relatively the equivalent of male Sirens, a Siren-Born, in a particular case where a male Caster possesses Siren-like abilities passed down from the mother side, and the mother was a Siren herself. It hasn't been revealed if they could become Sirens on their Claiming day, or if they were identified as Sirens due to their ability, but that Casters could be born with the powers, (hence their name) if their mother is a Siren. Their existence is de facto rare, because Sirens, being Dark Casters, do not tend to marry and have children in the first place. They are more powerful then the original female sirens and their form of persuasion is normally less obvious.[citation needed] The only known Siren-Born is Lennox Gates.[2]


  • Persuasion: Sirens are able to bend the will of a Mortal very easily. Sirens can prey on men and women, but men are easier to control. Some can do multiple people at the same time. They can also control the emotions of people, more easily on mortals.
  • Kelting: Some Sirens are able to communicate non verbally with other Casters. Ridley Duchannes, being the only Siren mentioned in the seires, is the only Siren known to Kelt. When Lena and Ridley were young, they would Kelt with each other during the day being bullied and messed with at school.
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Seduction
  • Energetic Vampirism
  • Reality Warping (only very powerful ones, usually limited compared to Natural/Cataclyst, they can always materialize their trigger if they have one)

Known SirensEdit


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