File:Sixteen Moons by Michele McGonigle (From Beautiful Creatures)

Sixteen Moons is the Shadowing song that Lila Evers from the Otherworld sent to Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate, her son, in order for them to find the path through Lena's Claiming and for them to be together.


Sixteen moons, sixteen years,
Sixteen of your deepest fears,
Sixteen time you dreamed my tears falling, falling through the years.

Sixteen moons, sixteen years,
Sound of thunder in your ears,
Sixteen miles before she nears, sixteen seeks what sixteen fears.

Sixteen moons, sixteen years,
Sixteen times you dreamed my fears,
Sixteen will try to bind the spheres, sixteen screams but just one hears.

Sixteen moons, sixteen years,
The claiming moon the hour nears,
In the pages darkness clears, Power binds what fire sears.

Sixteenth moon, sixteenth year,
Now has come the day you fear.
Claimed or be claimed, shed blood shed tear,
Moon or sun - Destroy Revere.