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  • Porterfield

    Beautiful Creatures hits theaters today (Valentine's Day, how perfect!) and unless you're a Caster Chronicles obsessed teen who is going to see this flick no matter what people say, you should probably check out this collection of reviews, as they are overwhelmingly mediocre. Before you get to them, here are some important notes:

    • Beautiful Creatures is trying to rope in all of the "Twilight" with a a few changes: the boy for the girl, "casters" for vampires, and the South for the Northwest. But we already knew that, didn't we?
    • The performances of leads Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich have been unanimously heralded as above average, with some critics saying that they were absolutely superb. What is most certain is that they are more likabl…
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  • Porterfield

    As you are probably well aware, Beautiful Redemption, the fourth and final book in The Caster Chronicles series, will be released on October 23rd.

    Before reading it, some of you might need to brush up on the details of the first three books, so without further ado, I present the Caster Chronicles Refresher Guide:

    Our narrator is sixteen-year-old Ethan Wate, a resident of Gatlin, South Carolina, which is a small town populated by two types of people: the dumb and the stuck. Ethan falls into the latter category. His mother was recently killed in a car accident and he lives with his father and their long-time housekeeper, Amarie "Amma" Treadeau.

    • Ethan's best friend is Wesley "Link" Lincoln.
    • A mysterious unknown song on his iPod called "Sixteen Moo…

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